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DestinationAccess Number
Zambia0844 985 2185
Zambia Mobile0871 335 2185
Zimbabwe0844 709 2185
Zimbabwe Econet0911 525 2185
Zimbabwe Econet Mobile0911 525 2185
Zimbabwe Mobile0844 550 2185
Zimbabwe Telcel0911 511 2185
Zimbabwe Telcel Mobile0911 511 2185

User Terms and Conditions

Callers must ensure they have bill payer's permission before using the CallNow service. All calls are billed by your telephone line provider at their relevant 0870, 0871, 0844, 0845, and relevant 0905 rates.

To find out the cost of calling from a service provider other then BT,you should confirm the rates directly with your service provider as these might vary.

Calls are charged from time of connection to the CallNow service, so we advise replacing the handset after a short period if your calls are engaged or unanswered. When you call from a mobile, remember to only press the call or send button after dialing the access number but not again after dialing the destination number.

Calls to mobile phones, premium rate numbers and pagers are not included unless otherwise stated.

CallNow reserves the right to terminate fraudulent calls. The service is subject to availability.

Service provided by New Call Telecom.